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Inverter Batteries
We design, develop, assemble and manufacture batteries and battery packs for all types of inverter. With an in-house engineering department, we responds immediately to OEM customers' needs with the right solution for their various requirements. Vast research and development resources are continually focused on improving battery technology and its efficiency to meet today's requirements, to set new standards for the industry and to achieve highest marks for customer satisfaction. We are the manufacturer of compact and mid-sized as well as large inverters.

Attention to detail, stringent quality control tests, scrutiny of raw-materials are some factors to ensure a reliable source of power. Highly competent professionals were hard to meet end user requirement. Technological expertise and rigid quality control are secrets behind our success.
Home UPS Batteries
We offer fail-safe, fool-proof UPS batteries that are produced and tested in our world class manufacturing plant. These batteries feature heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life. Our compact and light weight UPS batteries are ideal for emergency power back up application at home, offices, business centers and shops.
  • Best battery to suit all type of Inverters.
  • Leak proof design with heat sealed container & cover.
  • Thro partition welded for short electrical path / low internal resistance.
  • Aesthetically designed, compact in size suits office, residence & shop.
  • Long life in deep discharge cycling, minimum life will be 4 years.
  • Special Thick positive plate design.
  • Microporous ceramic float guide vent plug.
  • Readily available factory charged batteries.
Inverter Battery
Type Layout Capacity Max Dimensions (mm) Weight Chg. Amps
C20 C5 L W H Dry (Kg.)
AL12000 3R 120 96 502 182 255 26 5
ALX14500 3R 142 113 504 218 255 28 6.5
AL15000 3R 150 120 504 218 255 31 7.5
AL16500 3R 165 132 515 274 266 34 9.6
Tabular Batteries
Our range of tubular batteries are widely used for uninterrupted supply of current to operate remote control and automatic protection devices. These batteries are assembled in hard rubber containers with tubular positive and negative pasted flat plates, using micro porous separators for insulation. They are supplied with inter cell connectors, acid level indicators and a choice of ceramic / aquagen ordinary vent plugs. The polypropylene crafted cell container will withstand shock and breakage during service.
  • Suits all types of UPS and Standby applications.
  • Aesthetically designed, compact size to suit Home, Office and Business centers.
  • Readily available factory charged batteries reducing commissioning time and to prevent external impurities.
  • Back up Power
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Office Automation Equipment
  • Fire Alarm & Security System
  • Electronic EPABX
  • Electronic Cash Registers
  • Solar Power System
  • Leak proof design with heat sealed PP container and cover.
  • Thro' partition welded for short electrical path - reduces internal resistance and increased performance.
  • Micro porous ceramic float guide vent plug - Environment friendly and free from acid fumes.
  • Special Tubular positive plate design for Long life in deep discharge cycle.
  • DRAMIC (France) PE envelop separator by virtue of high porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent oxidation resistance, serve as a perfect separation medium.
  • Flat Negative plate with special additives and expanders for better charge and discharge cycle.
  • Superior active material for excellent discharge performance.
Tabular Batteries
Type Layout Capacity Max Dimensions (mm) Weight Chg. Amps
C20 C5 L W H Dry (Kg.)
AL14000T (Tubular) 3R 135 108 515 274 266 31 7.5
AL16000T (Tubular) 3R 150 120 515 274 266 33.5 7.5
IT500 (Tubular) L 150 120 474 180 385 34.5 8
AL16500 3R 165 132 515 274 266 34 9.6
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